Friday, October 3, 2008

Jonas Brothers Marriage

The Jonas Brothers recently blogged about dating. It seemed more like answers to frequently asked questions. They were asked if they would ever date a fan or if they have dated someone who’s not famous. The brothers anwered “The answer is YES. We have already dated fans or girls that are not celebrities. In fact, we really like to believe that the girl we will spend our lives with will be our biggest ‘fan’.” They also answered the question as to whether they re dating or have dated [fill in the name] to which they answered “It is our rule to not talk about our personal lives, especially who we are dating. The same would be true if we were dating you.”

The Death Countdown Continues - Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse proves that she’s just about to kill herself.

Amy Winehouse turned up to her DJ set at London’s Monarch pub in the Camden-area looking absolutely tragic on Thursday night.

Is there something new about that? WHY ARE THEY STILL HIRING HER?

She was seen violently fighting with her security guards, punching them out of her way as they tried to get her under control.

Her waif, dirty and wasted appearance reportedly shocked awaiting fans (She still has fans?

Everyone wants Megan Fox


It is always an honor to be on the cover of an elite fashion magazine, but it is indeed a bigger enjoyment when two most popular men’s magazines publish a model on the cover in the same month.

The hot and sexy Megan Fox is in for a treat as she is the cover girl for both GQ and Maxim, this month.

Interestingly the “Transformers” hottie’s rep told the press that the photo on the Maxim cover is an old one.

It clearly meant that Maxim published an old photo on the cover just to jeopardize the GQ spread.

Pete Doherty Art for Cab Fare

It’s nice to see that Pete Doherty isn’t dead yet as I haven’t heard from him in a while. The Daily Mail reports that the money-strapped musician has resorted to paying for cab rides from one company with his art. The company’s owner revealed that he told Pete that he’d be happy to provide taxi services in exchange for paintings saying “I have come to realise that Pete is brilliantly talented. The composition of his paintings is brilliant and he himself is a very generous and warm-hearted person. I am quite happy for him to pay me in paintings because I know they will be increasingly collectable.” He has a point. Limited edition prints signed in Pete’s blood have sold for up to $5,000.

Akon Smacks It!

A new video has surfaced featuring Akon and his girl-smacking concert in Guyana. The singer’s people claim that the footage tells a much different story that the shorter, edited version that’s been heating up the blogs recently. The longer version shows what happens directly after Akon nails two women who got too close to the singer. If you’ve seen the shorter version, you know that it cuts off right after the whacking. I’m not sure if it completely vindicates the guy but you can check out the new video and judge for yourself.

Kim Kardashian wants to fit in size 27 pants

The biggest, yet sweetest ass in the entertainment industry belongs to the beautiful Kim Kardashian and she is definitely proud of it, but now she wants to reduce it.

The gorgeous Kim, who is well-known for her sex tape with fellow singer Ray J, is trying to reduce her colossal curves.

The American actress, singer, stylist, model and television personality Kim Kardashian is trying to tone her body by classy moves on the dance floor while preparing for her performance in one of the most-popular dance competitions – “Dancing with the Stars”.

She has expressed her desire to fit into a size 27 pants by reducing her much talkedabout butt.

Miley Cyrus is one big mess

Haven’t you noticed? She’s been looking like a big mess these days?
Last Wednesday, she, the Disney slut, spent a little too much time in the tanning salon.
The 15 year-old “pop star” took some time off her busy schedule to get some well deserved time under the heating lamps to darken her skin and make her self look like someone she’s not.
Not that this piece of news is of national importance, I was just wondering why the hell her her hands were a different shade from her arms and face?
She’s got different skin shades all over!
Oh, and before I forgot, she also made it a point to show off her “promise” ring on her left hand, because everyone that goes tanning goes in with rings and jewelry on, right?